Research and Development
Research and Development

Research and Development for wind power plants

Calculation method for anchor baskets

  • This method contains a very detailed FEM model of the anchor basket dimensions and load, which is commercially applied by means of our software-supported input assistant.
  • By using this calculation method, we are able to reduce the steel dimensions of the anchor ring embedded in the foundations and to make the fatigue calculation of the grouting mortar under the tower base flange more precise.

Calculation method for foundations

  • We have also improved our method for calculating foundations with the aim of reducing the amount of reinforcement in the foundations in accordance with the European standards and in close consultation with German certifying bodies.
  • We are constantly developing our internal software in order to meet this objective.

Internal calculation guidelines

  • ‘Site-specific design and calculation of foundations with anchor basket for onshore wind power plants’, our new calculation methods for the anchor basket and foundations have been compiled in our internal guidelines.
  • This is certified by DNV-GL, certificate no. DB-IEC-22-001-2015


  • ‘Specification for the evaluation of foundations for onshore wind power plants’; developed at the start of 2014 with the aim of bringing more transparency to our evaluation process and providing an overview of the necessary documents. The specification also contains inspection criteria at the site.
  • ‘Concrete steel specification’ and ‘Concrete specification’.
    • In order to provide the construction site with more helpful information and to provide a better overview of our drawings, we have decided to remove most of the text from our drawings and put it together in two detailed specifications regarding the ‘Manufacture and use’ of concrete and concrete steel.
    • These specifications contain numerous recommendations for the construction site and the manufacturer, regulate the technical responsibilities at the interfaces between those involved in the construction and include details about the permitted tolerances during the work.
  • ‘Geotechnical draft report specification’ as an aid and requirement for geotechnical investigation and geotechnical draft reports is currently being prepared.
  • We are happy to prepare further specifications for you for all areas relating to the foundations for wind power plants.

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