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For more than 30 years we have been active in the field of static-constructive foundations for wind turbines. Our constructions are used all over the world, in all imaginable climatic conditions. We work for a large part of the renowned manufacturers and projectors.

Engineering Services

  • Design of onshore foundations
  • Consulting in static-constructive, geotechnical and economic aspects
  • Preparation of (type-) verifiable static calculations and execution documents
  • Pile design
  • Dimensioning of the anchoring of the tower and preparation of the associated working drawings
  • Statically constructive construction supervision, building inspections
  • Preparation of tender documents, advice on the award of contracts
  • Plausibility checks
  • Private law evaluation of foundation and pile designs.
  • Damage assessment, advice in case of damage
  • Special solutions: Foundations on landfills, open pit dumps

Research and Development

1. design method for anchor cages
  • This method includes a very detailed FEM model of the anchor cage dimensions and load, which is economically applied by means of our software-supported input aid.
  • By using this design method, we are able to reduce the steel dimensions, of the anchor ring embedded in the foundation, and more accurately perform the fatigue calculation of the grout under the tower base flange.
2. design method for foundations
  • We are continuously improving our foundation design method with the aim of reducing the amount of reinforcement in the foundation in line with European standards and in close dialog with German certifiers.
  • We are constantly developing our internal software to meet this goal.
3. internal dimensioning guideline
  • Site-specific design and dimensioning of foundations with anchor cage for land-based wind turbines“, our new design methods for the anchor cage and foundation have been summarized in our internal guideline.
  • This is certified by DNV-GL, certificate no. DB-IEC-22-001-2015
4. specifications
  • Specification for the assessment of foundations of land-based wind turbines“, developed in early 2014 with the aim of bringing more transparency to our assessment process and providing an overview of the documentation required. In addition, the specification includes acceptance criteria at the site.
  • Specification Reinforcing Steel” as well as “Specification Concrete.”
    • In order to provide more helpful information to the jobsite and to improve clarity on our drawings, we have decided to remove most of the text from our drawings and combine it into two detailed specifications for the “production and use” of concrete and reinforcing steel.
    • These specifications contain numerous recommendations for the construction site and the manufacturer, regulate the technical responsibilities at the interfaces between the construction parties and include information on the permissible tolerances during execution.
  • Geotechnical Design Report Specification” as an aid and requirement for geotechnical investigation and geotechnical design reports is being developed.
  • We would be happy to develop further specifications for you for all areas of wind turbine foundations.

Certification according to IEC 61400-22

Our many years of development of design methods for foundations, anchor cages and piles as foundation elements of wind turbines have been combined in our internal guideline “Site-related design and dimensioning of foundations with anchor cage for land-based wind turbines”.

This guideline has been prepared under technical, design and economic aspects and certified by DNV – GL according to IEC 61400-22.

This underlines the quality and reliability of our work.

Certification according to IEC 61400-22


As a member of DIN working committees, we actively participate in the creation and revision of relevant standards.